A full list of the contributors to Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, with short biographies.


World Autism Acceptance Day 2014 and a TPGA Book Sale

It’s World Autism Awareness Day. To many. But to the autistic people we love, work with, fight alongside, parent, and (some of us) are ourselves, it’s instead a day to bust myths, speak out, and try to change the world to be a more autistic-friendly place. It’s Autism Acceptance Day. One of the tools we use to further acceptance and understanding is our eponymous book, Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. We created our book to be the resource we wished had been there when autism first came into our lives. And because we want that resource in the hands of as many people as possible we’ve lowered the price on the Kindle version of the TPGA book to $2.99, for the entirety of April. Whether you’re a parent, an autistic advocate, or a professional — veteran, or just entering the arena — our book is full of helpful and frank…