Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starting Third Grade

Judy Endow, MSW

Too much new
                  for back to school
                                    is why I just                    don't like it,

                                     each new thing
                                              all by                    itself

                                                          is entirely

New shiny shoes
                  I do so love
                                     new ribbons in                my hair

                  a freshly pressed
                                     brand new pink                  dress
                                                  Oh       .......

                                                           ain't I

My satchel packed
                  with all new things
                                     with all the stuff I                need

                  sits on the floor
                                     next to the                    door
                                               just waiting

                                                           for me
                                                                            to leave!

New class lists
                   posted on the                 doors;
                                     the students find their                names.
                   They take their                   seats
                                     and wait to                   see
                                                  what will

                                                        this brand new teacher

"Unpack supplies.
                   Get settled in.
                                     My name is on the                   board."
                   On and on
                                     her voice keeps                   speaking
                                                   way much

                                                           too many 

Her voice           plows on
                   it will not                   quit.
                                     Words heap up in a                pile,
                   while yellow                   chalk
                                     adds                to the                   talk.

                                                                just ain't
                                                                             my          style.

Time for           recess.
                   Go                    outside.
                                     New           playground has no                shade.

                   Kids                    race about;
                                     they         run and                    shout.
                                                          At           recess

                                                                I might

I stand                  real          still
                   and close           my           eyes.
                            The           teacher comes           by         me.
                   She does           smell         nice,
                            but            I've           made up         my           mind.....
                                             I right now

                                                                             third grade.


This poem was originally published in Judy's book Making Lemonade: Hints for Autism's Helpers.