Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mustafa and Autism Acceptance Month

Mustafa & Kerima
We're featuring "Slice of Life" conversations with Autistics of all ages -- kids through adults -- throughout April's Autism Acceptance Month.

Our goal is to help TPGA readers understand that autistic people are people who have interesting, complicated lives and who are as diverse and varied as any other population united by a label.

We are the people in each other's neighborhoods, and the more we know about each other -- the more visible autistic people and children are -- the more common autism acceptance will be. That is our hope.

Today we're talking Mustafa, who loves to swim. His mother Kerima Çevik rephrased our Slice of Life questions so Mustafa could answer them using the iPod app Answers Yes/No.

Is your name Mustafa Nuri Cevik?


Is this your favorite website [points to]?


Do you have any autistic superpowers? 


Are you happy today?


Are you upset when there is too much noise?


Do you like your iPod?

yes yes yes.

Do you like to see other people?

yes. no.

Do you have friends?


Is your life hard?


Would you like a hug?


What does bliss feel like to you?